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Students and Teachers

Being a student and a teacher is a very demanding job for both parties. Explore the following page to find what you need to help make your job easier.

Wellbeing and Critical Thinking Tools for Students

Lesson plans and activity booklets to engage your students in critical thinking and wellbeing. Our best selling wellbeing student centered tools are Pulse (featured above) and Heroes of our own Story.

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Understand and Know Me Student Resources

With over 70 pages in each book, these resources will support your students to not only increase their agency and critical thinking skills, but also empower them to take responsibility of their hauora.

Tackle the big issues in their lives with confidence: AI, Bullying, Climate Change, Social Media Backlash, Influencers, Exam pressure...

Wellbeing and Critical Thinking Tools for Teachers

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Look after your wellbeing with the tools above, and use the tools below to reflect on the impact of your teaching style on your students.

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Trouble Choosing?

Our Tool Guide below gives a clear description of what each tool is useful for if you are stuck.

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