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Critical Skills Kickstart Collection

Critical Skills Kickstart Collection

With the increasingly popular phrase in the NZC refresh being Understand, Know, Do, teach your students the 6Cs, so nothing is let to chance. This is a resource teachers can use with their students in class.


This 78 page Kickstarter package comes with a Critical Skills Evaluation Tool and 5 student centred resources.


- Critical Skills Evaluation

- Creativity Kickstart

- Collaboration Kickstart

- Critical Thinking Kickstart

- Communication Kickstart


and our very popular Heroes of Our Story tool used for teaching Compassion and Confidence.


This ELECTRONIC RESOURCE will be emailed out to you.


If you don't need all of the tools, then look for them in the shop, you can buy each section separately.

    $14.00 Regular Price
    $10.50Sale Price
    GST Included
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