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Your Voice

How have you used our tools? What did you think?

Although we design tools that come with a 'how to guide', what makes us proud

are the stories from the people who use and innovate them.

Below you will find a mixture of articles and quotes that show creativity and problem solving amongst educators.

Be empowered.

"It's like Julia Donaldson and David Walliams got excited about academic research, and wrote a book."

                                                      -Lucas, Kerikeri High School

Cambridge Middle School used 'The Garden' to reflect on their learning journey
into building a collaborative curriculum.

"In The Garden I became a dove. 

Peaceful, friendly, supportive and diplomatic. "

- Lindsey Mackrill, Stanley Bay Primary School

''I have used the Pulse poster frequently in my classroom as inspiration for self reflection:


- Which one are you?

- Who are you hoping to be next time?

- What skills will you need to help you become this learner? 


The students loved having the visual - it promoted conversation and collaboration. It is also a great tool to promote oral language, as students discuss why the students in the poster feel the way they do.

Looking forward to trying your other tools.''

- Bobbie-Jo Pringle

garden trial.png

The Garden

''It was a great tool to encourage discussion with our Year 11s about our class culture and tools in our shed for success.''

- Joanna Wamala

''Love your work!

I used the garden tool during an online meeting with the Mathematics Curriculum team at a Year 1 – 8 Primary school. We used a Jam board to pop the post-it notes onto. Worked really well for the team to get a more coordinated view of what is working in the school and what they may nurture and plant as we develop a plan together.''

Julia Crawford, Education Consultant for Cognition Education

Heroes Tool 

''FUN, provocative, engaging, noticing, connecting.''

- Belinda Matthews

Life Education Trust

" Thank you so much! I love your mahi, it's a great contribution in the education-wellbeing space as it is practical/doable, not to mention aesthetically delightful. 

Ngaa mihi nui ki a korua''



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