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We make educational resource books to empower schools and leaders

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Which Voice?

A Health Check for Schools

Which Voice? Is a unique resource book for educators.

Each tool has been created to empower you to lead your own staff meetings, help you reflect on what is happening in your school, and support you to generate action plans to grow.

This book enables the voices from the community to be gathered and understood.


The use of humour woven through the pages ensures that the process of change is seen through a real and optimistic lens, helping schools to be lifted high on to the crest of the oncoming wave - not swamped by it.

20 tools, 21 characters - Which voice will speak to you?

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Engaging Staff Meetings 
Supporting Professional Development

As the winds of change continue to disrupt educational norms, schools have found themselves without access to MOE PLD funding for Term 1.


To help and guide you to continue to grow in this climate we have compiled together a book of helpful staff meetings to support you to Listen, Reflect and Act.

It contains 18 staff meetings to help you focus priorities, support teacher and student wellbeing, and guide reflections for professional growth cycles and professional development.

Electronic Booklets

Electronic booklets will be sent to you as a PDF.

Visit the shop to find out more.

 Whimsical Books

Fun ways to explore the funny side of Edu Speak and jargon words we use in our complex daily routines.

An ideal gift to bring some joy to your staffroom.


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