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Understand and Know Me Series 2

Understand and Know Me Series 2

This student booklet is the first step on our way to shifting the way we teach and engage our young people in becoming aware of their own and others' viewpoints, whilst supporting them with their wellbeing.


It uses three stories from a student's perspective about the impact of social media backlash, exam pressure and climate change on their world. Following each story is a range of written and discursive activities to choose from to help them understand and know themselves as an individual.


They will:


  • Understand: understand themselves, understand their world, and understand others in their world 

  • Know: resources and data can be manipulated and know how to protect themselves

  • Do: take action for themselves and take action for their community


The booklet can be innovated and adapted by each school/class to suit students aged 9 - 15 yrs.


It will be emailed to you as an electronic PDF. Simply print it out and share amongst your kaiako. 


Disclaimer: This is not a MOE resource, it has been co constructed with students and teachers for students and teachers, by Engaging Learning Voices, based on feedback and feed forward from real teachers, in real classrooms across Aotearoa.


Each term we will release a new booklet identifying three themes our young people face to support our teachers to develop their critical literacy pedagogies.


Series 1 available here

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    GST Included
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