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Welcome to Werewere School

Humans naturally think in stories, it is how we make sense of the world. As educational consultants we have the privilege of interacting in the varied ecosystem of education: caretakers, media, Ministry, students, teachers, leaders, whānau, support workers, volunteers. We hear many stories on a weekly basis and listen to a variety of viewpoints.


When exposed on the chalk face educators don't always get the chance to appreciate the complexity of their jobs. To help them see how intricate, beautiful and important each induvial is we have captured their stories and embodied them in a fictional school, Werewere School. Each voice we listen to is represented by a range of recognisable, fictional characters within the school. We hope by sharing the network of complexity we see unfolding within a school through story, it will help and encourage educators to not only unpack the realities of their world, but to be open to change, this is why each tool begins with a 'scenario'.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Werewere School.


Meet the team...

“Fiction has enabled us not merely to imagine things, but to do so


—Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens

Principal Beaker

Shae and Mia


Mrs. J










Yu Jun


Our Fictional World

To depersonalise and anonymise each school's dilemma/educational challenge the realities they face are set in a fictional school with fictional characters. This allows a 'distancing' and a safe space for staff to reflect and theorise. 

This is how the well researched and documented narrative pedagogy approach is woven into each tool.

Humans naturally think in stories it is how we make sense of the world.

Werewere School Tour

You are super lucky as today you have all registered for our Premium tour. Congratulations. This means that you have full access to all of our special locations of interest. Don't look so worried not that type of location of interest, there is no danger from viruses here as all of our creatures are fully vaccinated.


The Premium tour is the most comprehensive tour we offer, and I can promise you that this will be the most enlightening afternoon for all of you.

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xenial otter.jpg



*Xenial Otter: The one person welcoming committee. Every time a guest arrives at school you can bet that the Otter will be there to embrace and shake hands. They will then take the guest on an unplanned tour of the school. No matter who the guest is: ERO, a courier driver, a lost dog they are all offered the same effervescent welcome, due to the Otters inability to differentiate. The Otter tends to be at their best on school sports exchanges, or cultural exchange days when there are literally hundreds of people to be greeted. On these days the Otter multitasks, moving from guest to guest, checking if morning tea is ready, and reorganizing any seating arrangements. During social distancing days and the absence of visitors, the Otter could be found pacing the perimeter of the school eagerly calling out to anyone walking past and waving enthusiastically at cars.

Find your tribe on the Werewere School Tour

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