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Tangata Tiriti Educators -
find your position and grow

“Stand close together, lift where you stand.”

—Dr. Melanie Riwai-Couch

Space to Encounter - Engage and explore what unconscious bias might sound like

in your workplace.

Mia and Bob are interviewing a potential candidate for an opening

at Werewere School. However, the job interview doesn't go down too well.

As always there is much learning and growth that can come from a situation

like this.

Can you identify and explore the misconceptions?

Use them to think critically about why they exist.

Listen to the voices - Analyse statistics and voices and learn from them;

with an open mind, think critically about how they make you feel. 

Raise your critical consciousness by learning more about what is

happening for ākonga Māori. How can we apply these insights to

promote understanding and respect for Māori perspectives?


Whaea Helen


Learn and review all you have discovered, use it to help you take responsibility

and act on your new knowledge and perspective.

Let the voices of the people enable you to see what our responsibilities

for the future are, and how we can empower ourselves to be better.

Culture of Care - Interrogate yourself, your perspectives and your

world views and listen to others with empathy.

See how a simple framework can allow us to be better,

because we know better, becoming Tangata Tiriti Educators.

Tangata Tiriti - find your position

The following tool has been inspired by champions who fight for equity in education. Its purpose is to help us build a relationship with Māori, to commit to the ongoing fight for Māori, find our position in Tiriti, and foster a sense of agency and belonging within communities.

It can be downloaded in our shop.

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