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Rethinking Education Conference
September 17th 2022

Rebecca Thomas and Steve Saville: Engage your learning voices - light up the dark! [#ReConf22]

Rebecca Thomas and Steve Saville: Engage your learning voices - light up the dark! [#ReConf22]

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24 hour for Change in Education
October 20th 2022

Featuring live interactions, master classes, inspirational talks, games, simulations, reflections, discussions, this one of the type event will be a milestone to forward a change agenda in education. All of the resources, conclusions, projects, ideas and examples of best practices will be publicly available through the 24 hours for Change in Education website and lead it to continued implementation for the future.

Never Surrender Your Story
Leader's Connect Series
October 27th 4-5pm

Join Steve Saville and Rebecca Thomas as they lead you into a world of possibility that can enable you to respond to your community’s needs using the power of narrative pedagogy, humour and fun.

Listening to these voices will enable you to address leadership, learning and wellbeing in a way that is matched to your context; enabling all learners within the ecosystem to shine. 

Acknowledging the change process is both challenging and exhausting in our current climate Steve and Rebecca will inspire you to take action by looking inwards first.

School Ownership (Agency)

Freedom Education

Join Steve Saville and Becca Thomas from Engaging Learning Voices and gain inspirational insight into why and how a school can take ownership and express agency over change. Stop waiting for change to happen to you and start owning the change.

Teaching and Education Summit
November 9-11th