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 Our purpose is to build a bridge between academic research and the realities of the classroom.

We create aesthetically pleasing tools and resources designed to uplift and give direction to the users.

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" Our tools and ideas are now very popular.

Engaging Learning Voices have reached over 15,000 educators

across 58 countries.

But, how do the tools help support the process of change?

Why are they so successful?

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Flipping the System 

When a school embarks on change it is usually driven by a 'lever-type' system that looks like this:

In this system messages are filtered down in a hierarchical sense.

This system doesn't allow for teachers and students to build on their expertise, experiences or skills.

Instead, any tools created by Engaging Learning Voices are designed to work in a more interactive, more 'human-like' system (built on the world of narrative pedagogy) like this:

This new approach personalises the learning within the change process, therefore there are fewer disengaged teachers, leaders and consequently less disengaged students. It values the voices of its participants and creates the conditions for growth within the school community - change from within - supported by tools.

Our tools come in a typical package like this:

Below is an example of a scenario, this scenario shares what teachers really think of professional learning development ice-breakers (you can read about the impact of this particular tool here)...


This partnership we have created through the narrative pedagogy (scenarios) of our tools leads schools to empowerment and ownership.


Each tool we provide allows schools to use their expertise, experiences and knowledge to grow in the way that they need, all based on the academic world of research in a format that is very accessible, and supported by voices in the real world.

Instead of there being a filter down approach, we are now learning as one, AKO.

Some tools might last the school several staff meetings as they require reflection, follow up and action plans. Some tools are more of a buffet, where schools can select parts and weave them together themselves designing their own bespoke journey.