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Ultimate Guide to Power Sharing

Ultimate Guide to Power Sharing

Working towards developing learner agency? Need some tools to lead staff meetings and review current progress towards sharing power in the classroom? Or, maybe you are looking at ways to develop your Teaching to the North East Pedagogies? This 62 page booklet of 6 Tools is a must, and will help you lead and reflect with staff in meetings, or professional growth cycles.


Classroom Voice - Investigate and reflect on the current status quo.


Learn, Solve, Create - A tool to help you to develop an environment that enhances learner agency.


Learner Agency - Identify if you are providing opportunities for learner agency in your daily routines and lessons.


Ice-cream Shop - Review your pedagogy and choose the best method to suit the intended outcomes.


Power Sharing Through a Reading Lens - What does power sharing look like in a reading lesson?


Support Crew Rewards - Role reversal, put the students in charge.


This is an electronic booklet and it will be emailed out to you.

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