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Engaging Staff Meetings Electronic Copy

Engaging Staff Meetings Electronic Copy

New for January 2023.


It will be emailed to you as a PDF.


As the winds of change continue to disrupt educational norms schools have found themselves without access to MOE PLD funding for Term 1.


To help and guide you to continue to grow in this climate we have compiled together a book of helpful staff meetings to support you to Listen, Reflect and Act.


Part 1 Listen: six tools designed for you to listen to the voices of your leaders and teachers in respect of their professional identity, view of PLD, resilience, and growth.


Part 2 Reflect: six tools are designed for you to think about your positioning, pedagogies and assessment capability to build a unique insight into your approaches, change initiatives, and beliefs.


Part 3 Act: six tools are designed to help you take action on what you know your community needs, and to keep your own wellbeing in check.

It contains 18 ways to hold engaging staff meetings helping you to focus priorities, support teacher and student wellbeing, and guide reflections for professional growth cycles and professional development.


An electronic copy of our 234 page A4 Engaging Staff Meetings book. (hard copy available here)


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