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Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

This 52 page electronic book has been designed to make fun connections with the staff in your school.


At a time where your staff may be feeling isolated and disjointed as Term 1 continues to surprise us with disruptions, buy this book and share it with them as a thoughtful gift to say you are thinking of them and their families. It will certainly raise a smile and help them show just how connected we are.


This is an electronic resource and will be emailed out to you as a PDF and a flipbook.


You will be taken on a tour of Werewere School by our over excited *Xenial Otter, where you are asked to recognise if similar creatures on the tour also exist in your school ecosystem. Tick your scavenger hunt cards as you walk around and then maybe compare your findings with colleagues. Did they spot someone you missed?



Agree together which staff member is usually left delivering bad news, which staff member lets PLD run away with them? Which staff member is the Retro Gorilla, or the Unicorn Train? Have fun finding out.


Who makes up your tribe and lights up your dark?


Show that we are stronger together.

    GST Included
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