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Culturally Responsive Action

Culturally Responsive Action

Culturally Responsive Action - Finding Our Place In The Partnership


This book contains over 20 engaging, practical, 'hands-on' staff meetings. It is perfect for anyone wishing to engage and gain confidence in how to be prepared to implement Te Mātatiaho in their school, or simply grow in cultural competence.


It uses the Understand, Know, Do, framework to help staff understand their position, responsibilities and partnership with Te Tiriti o Waitangi, know what pedagogies and culturally responsive practices they will need to engage all learners as we move forward, and support leaders to know what to do next regarding strategic planning and implementing a climate of ‘everybody’ on the journey ahead.


Each tool can be purchased separately in our shop, but the recommended flow would be to follow the outline and sequence contained within these pages.




  • Critical Consciousness - understand the bias in our education system

  • Tangata Tiriti - understand your position in Te Tiriti

  • Tūrangawaewae - understand yourself and be secure in your culture



  • My Pedagogy - know the learning theories you subscribe to

  • Pedagogy Pearls - know what our pedagogies mean for our learners

  • Common Practice Peals - know what lies behind the upcoming Common Practice Model

  • North-East Pedagogies - know which pedagogies work for ākonga Māori

  • North-East Leaders - know what the the right climate feels like for teachers to thrive



  • Climate of Trust - create the right conditions for staff to develop cultural competency

  • Curriculum Cohesion - reflect on your vision, values and learner profile

  • Waypoint Tool - validate staff feelings towards all of the changes and help them to keep their eye on the big picture

  • Whakapapa Weaving Tool - align Te Mātaiaho Whakapapa to your values and co-construct what you need to do in order to do it justice


This is an electronic resource and will be emailed out to you.


Click here for a more indepth look the the contents.


Disclaimer: This is not a MOE resource, but it is informed by research and documents that support Te Māitaiaho.

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