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Resources and Tips

These tools were FREE during the height of the OMICRON wave and can now be purchased for $3 in our shop. You can access Term 3s free tools here until Friday 30th September midnight.

Teach students to build reciprocal relationships

Midnight Oil

Shared responsibility for burnout

Self-care is not the answer to burnout. Instead, the reasons for it should be a shared responsibility between the environment and the person.

Investigate how you are matched to your environment.

Where is the pressure coming from?

What can you do to alleviate it?

Midnight Oil Tool
creativity cover.JPG

Creativity Kickstart

Unpack creativity with your students 

A reminder from Sir Ken to push pause and reset. We are creative beings. Share this notion with our students and explain how creativity is putting our imagination to work to solve problems.

Ken - this one is for you!

Creativity Tool

Climbing the Elephant

Acknowledge the elephant before Term 2

Elephant Tool

Spend some time addressing the challenges from Term 1.

Do this activity with your students, or for your own reflection, or as a staff/senior leadership team.

This will really help your wellbeing and build resilience helping everyone to return to calm.

Battling Dragons

Provide the armour

Dragons Tool

Using stories from our past to help us build resilience for the future, turn your students into heroes.

Thank you Tracey Miller, Del Costello and Garreth Bradshaw for the original spark!

Heroes of Our Own Story

Heroes Tool

Support Crew Rewards

supportcrewe cover.JPG
Support Tool

Maintain our community relationships

Keep children engaged from home by changing the relationship of power.

A simple system to give everyone a new perspective and build relationships.

Change those roles and have fun!

An exciting game where students can give and receive compliments.

Use this tool to encourage students to use observational skills to help them discover and celebrate their positive role models within their kura

Click on the link to explore our new tool.

Community Wellbeing At A Distance

Maintain our community relationships

Pulse Tool

As we move to hybrid learning, while case numbers and sickness increase, make sure we maintain our community connections and experiences.

Use this tool to investigate how your current operation mode promotes inclusion, trust and co-agency.

Click on the link to explore our new tool.

Community Wellbeing Tool

Protect Student Wellbeing

As case numbers increase make sure we have given our students room and tools to help them communicate their feelings.

Use this visual tool to help them identify how their feelings can change - just like their pulse.

Click on the link to explore our new tool.

A3 Posters can be purchased in our shop.

Pulse Tool

I Did That - Don't Laugh, So Did You Tool

Build Staff Community 

I Did That Tool
sugar page.JPG

A Spoonful of Sugar

Wellbeing support for Term 1 

Read how the leaders at Werewere School redirect their PLD support to focus on student wellbeing.

Click the link below to have free access to 2 helpful tools.

As the constant challenges build up, spend some time building staff community with a light hearted game where you can share stories about the teaching day/week/term.

Laughter can help make the tiredness go away.

Thanks Alison Cleary for the original spark!

Click on the link to get FREE access to our new tool for staff.

A Spoonful of Sugar

The Principal and
The Problem
6 FREE tools here

Part 1-3 all six tools

Tackle your COVID Problem Space with confidence

Read all three parts of the COVID-19 Problem Space.

Find 6 FREE tools to help you thrive not just survive.

Enjoy this koha from the creators of Which Voice.

Thanks to Tangaroa College for the first spark!

Imagine if...

Read our story, by clicking 'our voice'.

Our tribute to Sir Ken Robinson.

Why did we create this site?

Who inspired us to take action?

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