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Term 3 Free Resources and Tips

These free tools have now been archived, they can be purchased in the shop for as little as $3.

There will be some new tools released for free at the start of Term 4.

Check out the video on the home page to find out why these tools have such effective outcomes. 

Way Point

Get through the groan zone

A catalyst to support you light that spark and remind you where you are on your journey for change.

Find your waypoint together.

Train Your Thoughts

Be in an agentic position to start the term

Have you ever noticed how positive (agentic) and negative (deficit) thoughts produce particular consequences.

We don't always get time to spot these patterns.

Use this free tool with staff or students to start Term 3 with hope and confidence.

cultural cover.JPG

Developing Cultural Capability

A three part tool to aid reflection and progress

Explore how you are tracking towards enhancing cultural competence within your school.

Reflect, explore, expand as a staff.


Identify the 'rub'

Don't let tensions fester, use this tool to structure points of convergence and divergence.

Find some common ground.

values cover.JPG


Build a strong foundation

Are your school values lived and owned by everyone in your ecosystem?

Use this 3 part tool to explore how they are woven throughout the school day.

Visit the home page to see how our tools work and why they are so effective.

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