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The Unicorn Train

by Rebecca Thomas and Steve Saville

Compliantly we clatter along the tracks being laid down for us from external forces.

Aware that the train driver has destinations and passengers to pick up at predetermined stops we wait patiently, watching the changing landscape. Listening and paying attention to the passengers squeezing into carriages, we relax. We anticipate the commanding voice on the tannoy will announce our arrival soon.

Instead of dozing off in my seat from the gentle swaying and rumbling below, I put my imagination to work. I pretend a heist is unfolding.

I imagine a gang of outlaws have come to change the train’s course. The daring bandits don’t like the chosen destination, they didn’t choose the destination, they want to disembark in a more romantic location. A location where student achievement means more than politics and policies.

I smile at this diversion, as I am reminded of the power of agentic thoughts. Agentic thoughts open up the world of possibility.

Positive thoughts may lead to proactive voices.

Proactive voices may lead to motivated actions.

Motivated actions may lead to energetic outcomes.

Remember this thought pattern; this sequence of outcomes; this thought train, as another term approaches.

It would be too easy to write off this year.

It would be too easy to blame events for not knowing our students.

It would be too easy to feel exhausted at even more changes ahead.

Steve and I hope you start Term 3 refreshed, and open to challenges that bring opportunities. To encourage you we would like to give you this free tool that can be used with students, or staff.

(Click on the image to go to Term 3 Free Resources and Tips)

As always there is room for innovation and space to contextualise the way this is used.

It’s your journey, your heist, your imagination - now create your own diversion for The Hogwarts Express!

*Unicorn Train: When someone believes they have a magical solution to an educational conundrum - seizes the moment in a manner similar to seizing control of a moving train - then realises their solution is a nebulous as fairy dust; promptly crashing the train into the next station!

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