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Which Voice?

A Health Check for Schools

Which Voice? Is a unique resource book for educators designed by the Engaging Learning Voices team:

Steve Saville and Rebecca Thomas.

Each tool has been created to empower you to lead your own staff meetings, help you reflect on what is happening in your school, and support you to generate action plans to grow.

This book enables the voices from the community to be gathered and understood.


The use of humour woven through the pages ensures that the process of change is seen through a real and optimistic lens, helping schools to be lifted high on to the crest of the oncoming wave - not swamped by it.

20 tools, 21 characters - Which voice will speak to you?

Below you will find FREE access to three of the tools in the book. 


Simply click on the link for the Garden Tool, Wellbeing Tool and Learner Voice Tool to begin your journey today.


Which Voice? - 
An educational tool box filled with ways to deliver staff meetings and instigate change (with a smile)


Read our introduction by clicking the box below.

Find out how this book will help you lead and run staff meetings all year round, enabling you to build a path to re-engage in learning.


Let your cognitive dissonance be guided by the hands of your community

- hear and engage their voices, light up the dark!

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Part 1 - Leadership

The first section of the book will take you on a journey where you can explore how you can tackle ways to shake off 'crisis leadership' mode, and begin evaluating systems and environments that promote growth in our challenging landscape. 

There are six tools in this domain to help you evaluate leadership. 

Below you will find a FREE taster from the book. Follow the link to find our Garden Tool, designed to help build that collective teacher efficacy in 2022 and beyond.

Part 2 - Wellbeing

In this part of the book we explore how to define wellbeing as a collective. 


How do we use our current systems and environments to support our learners and staff?

Attached below is our very popular Wellbeing Tool that will help you forge a personalised and system wide approach to wellbeing in your own context.

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Part 3 - Learners

How can we find a way to re-engage?

In this final section of the book we look closely at our learners and identify what is going on for them.


The best way to begin this is by hearing their voice.

There are nine tools in this section to paint a vivid picture of what is happening for them.

Enjoy administering our Learner Voice Tool to capture the moment.