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Engaging Learning Voices Creators

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Steve Saville

Steve is a passionate educator who has significant experience across a range of educational settings.

For the last two years he has been working as an Educational Consultant specializing in the area of sustainable school change and leadership.

In his past life, he was the foundation Principal of Rolleston College in Canterbury and prior to that worked as Deputy Principal at Alfriston College, Regional Facilitator for the Te Kotahitanga Project, and English Curriculum advisor for the Auckland region during the original implementation of NCEA.

Along this journey, Steve gained extensive knowledge and experience in leading and developing authentic, skill-based learning contexts that empower learners and teachers. Additionally, he has also researched the role of creativity in the learning experience and has worked extensively in relationship-based learning programmes where all learners can thrive.

Finally, Steve admits to being an obsessive doodler who still reads comics, listens to too much loud music, and follows a football team who seem unable to ever win anything.

Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca has worked in education for the past 24 years, she is always looking for ways to improve the educational experience for children. Sadly, Rebecca feels that the pandemic has had a major effect on the school experience for anyone involved in the educational community; caretakers, whānau, admin, teachers, leaders, the isolation of distance learning Rebecca noticed that these voices had fallen silent along with the bus lines and bells.

In response to this challenge, Rebecca was delighted to design a tool book with Steve Saville, in the hope that it may help teachers and leaders deal with the disrupted learning experience.

Nobody wants social distancing, face masks and hand sanitiser to be the lasting legacy that our children remember. Hopefully, Which Voice? (their educational resource book) will help educators focus on the important connections and relationships a school stands for in the face of any challenges that lie ahead.

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