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Navigating Change

“The best way to change education is to think about where you are in it.”


-Sir Ken Robinson, Imagine if.

Welcome to our Navigating Change Space. This is a place you can go to and listen to Steve and Becca talk about change. Each week there will be a short video with support and ideas to help inspire you.



This Waypoint Tool has been inspired by the recent voices Steve and Becca have heard in schools during Term 3.

Listen to the scenario below.  Anything sound familiar?



With all of the disruptions, any change initiative a school may be going through quite possibly feels disjointed.

It may be hard for staff, students, and whānau to re-engage in the process.

If so, this tool will be the perfect catalyst to support you light that spark and remind us where we are on our journey.


Find you waypoint together.


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