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Term 4 Resources and Tips

These tools have been archived and are no longer available for free. However, they can be purchased in the shop for as little as $4.

Navigate our new Tool Menu to find out which tool will match your educational challenge.

Check out the video on the homepage to find out why these tools have such effective outcomes. 

To Done List

Reflect on your many achievements in 2022

Look after your wellbeing as the year draws to a close.

Be proud of all you do teachers. Finish the year on a high.

Everything is awesome - with Lego!

aristotle walking cover 2.JPG

Aristotle Walking

Free lesson plans suitable for Y4-Y10

Promote critical thinking and wellbeing by going on an Aristotle Walk.

Easily innovated to suit your context.

Ideal to support you at this very busy time of year, designed in collaboration with Ronise Laumemea - thank you for the original spark!

16 Tiny Doses

Make time for YOU

Keep track of how you spend time on yourself.

Look after yourself, or others, and create a culture of care.


Make new norms for Term 4.

Way Point

Get through the groan zone

A catalyst to support you light that spark and remind you where you are on your journey for change.

Find your waypoint together.

taking the temp cover.JPG

Taking the Temperature

Collect staff voice on recent initiatives

With so much going on and disjointed change while we recover, use this tool to support staff wellbeing, collect their voice and help them see the links between strategic directions.

tuning in cover.JPG

Tuning In

A teacher's career path is full of story

Explore your professional identity and use the stories that have shaped you to plan for the future.

Use the power of narrative pedagogy for reflection with your staff.

School System Review

Are any of your systems hindering learning?

Review how your school systems support, or possibly hinder learning for ALL of your students.

Once reviewed, plan for 2023 and beyond.

school system review cover.JPG
sharing knowledge cover.JPG

Sharing Knowledge

A great way to assess prior learning

Prior learning maximizes inclusion and engagement. Use students as learning resources for one another and gain their prior knowledge.

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